Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes I wake up from dreams that are very scary and feelings linger with me.  This particular dream had me feeling so strange.  

I was in a 3 story building when the basement collapsed and the other stories fell.  The floors had different things on them and one was a retail store.  I watched the damage untouched from the inside of the building on one of the upper floors.  I fell with the building but I still stood perfectly without a stumble.  I watched as all around me there were bodies covered in rubble.  I noticed that there were Best Buy check out stands nearby that fell as well... I can remember the yellow tag logos vividly.  I tried to help as other people outside the building came in to help too but no one survived.  I talked to someone that came in and I felt catatonic.  I told them that 84 people died.  I didn't count the bodies, I didn't know what was going on in the building but I knew that there were 84 people that were in there and they all died.  I couldn't move and I just stood as other people ran around trying to pull people out.  

I woke up sweaty and feeling disbelief.  I woke up Josh and turned on the light but mostly just sat stunned for awhile not knowing what to do.  I felt very scared and had a hard time going back to sleep until Josh talked to me a bit and held me.  I have no idea what the 84 means.  I find it also very interesting that I stood by and watched everything untouched.  Crazy.  

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